Personal Financial Planning

Our holistic financial planning services are designed to help you grow, preserve, and distribute your assets in a tax-efficient manner.

We begin by taking the time to understand every detail of your financial life—including what you’ve accumulated, what you owe, and your current level of risk—and your personal attitudes and goals about money. Based on your age, your comfort with risk, and your specific financial objectives, we then recommend a financial plan that addresses every aspect of your finances and is designed to help mitigate current and future taxes, grow assets at a reasonable rate, and distribute your wealth effectively and according to your wishes. Our personal financial planning services include wealth management, risk management, debt management, and wealth distribution.

  • Wealth Management focuses on growing, preserving, and protecting your wealth using strategies designed to help you make appropriate choices to reach your financial goals now and throughout your retirement years, using our knowledge of income and expense planning, investment selection, portfolio management, asset allocation, and taxation. Wealth management includes:
    • 401(k) advice
    • Cash-flow advice
    • Charitable giving*
    • Education funding
    • Estate planning*

    *The financial analysis and recommendations are not intended to replace the need for independent tax, accounting, or legal review. Individuals are advised to seek the counsel of such licensed professionals.

  • Risk Management is necessary both to protect your assets and to provide for your loved ones after your death. No matter how sound your investment strategy, risk has the power to steer long-term plans in a negative direction. We work with you to manage that risk and effectively protect your assets—from mitigating taxation using a balanced strategy of pre-tax and after-tax savings, to purchasing insurance through a 401(k) plan, to applying the appropriate level of Life and Long Term Care (LTC) insurance coverage.
  • Debt Management is an important component of every financial plan. Rather than perceiving all debt as a negative, we work with you to leverage debt, using it as a valuable tool to support your long-term goals—from helping you understand when and how to purchase your next automobile, to making optimal decisions when investing in property and business interests, to ensuring your debt-to-income ratio is always in alignment.
  • Wealth Distribution means much more than assigning beneficiaries to investment accounts. For many, personal circumstances require careful estate planning to accommodate tax-efficient transfer of wealth. Our team works with a variety of experienced and insightful professionals to provide a wide variety of distribution strategies, from basic Life Insurance Trusts to more specialized offerings such as Special Needs Trusts, which are designed to preserve assets as long as possible and ensure funds are available to support special-needs family members when other resources are depleted, and Delaware Trusts, which support maximum investment protection and flexibility.